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The Top 3 Food Spots In Sonoma Wine Country

The Top 3 Food Spots In Sonoma Wine Country

 Dierk’s Parkside Café isn’t nestled, it’s plopped right on the side of bustling Santa Rosa Ave. in the commercial district of Santa Rosa. What stands out are the giant cut outs of farm animals that adorn the rooftop. Stepping inside feels like going over to your cool California aunt’s house –  fun, a little off beat and shelves full of funny knick knacks! Amongst the eclectic wall art and shelves full of cook books tables of two, four and six are packed throughout three rooms filled with a wide variety of people.

Shimmy up to the bar if you know what’s good for you.

There you’ll settle next to a local, peruse a New Yorker from their over flowing stack and wait to see what random mug your coffee will be served in. The wait staff here is awesome, mostly young, attentive and really, really nice. Dierk’s is shortened version of Dierkhising the last name of the owner and head chef Mark. They have a good thing going. When I brunch, I brunch hard. It is a constant battle between the Sonoma Vegetable Hash, consisting of local veggies, hash browns, goat cheese with an egg on top(!) or the Country Benedict which are scrambled eggs and bacon served on top of a baguette with mushrooms, spinach and sun dried tomatoes covered in hollandaise sauce. Do I need to say more?


Wild Flour Bread-Wood Fired Brick Oven Baked Bread Bakery & Garden is located in Freestone, CA just outside of Sebastopol, a village of only 26 houses! It is bucolic in every sense of the word. Outside of the rustically cozy bakery are rolling hills full of apple trees, cows and a hydrangea farm. This bustling bakery makes up to 900 loaves of bread A DAY! The secret is out and you should get there early because it attracts tons of visitors a day.

Upon entering the rough wood hewn doors, the line will be filled with bikers(of both the leather and spandex kind), couples on their way to Osmosis Day spa and families gathering up sustenance to take out to Bodega Bay. What sets them apart is they bake all of their bread daily, onsite in their brick oven(which goes none stop; day and night for over 10 years!) and produces THE BEST BREAD. Their rye and wheat are always sold out. Outside of their staples the choices are ever changing from Egyptian, Fougasse(cheese and shitakes), Goat Flat, Sticky Bun, scones, and the list goes on.  Only open four days a week (Friday-Monday) and cash only, but a definite can’t, and don’t, miss!


Hitting the northern part of Sonoma County will lead you to Healdsburg Charcuterie and Café which has charm and then some. Tucked right on the main drag in downtown Healdsburg, this little place has Europe written all over it. A little postage stamp of a place, you walk in and immediately sweep past a heavy velvet curtain. Inside you’ll find a quaint little café serving delicious treats to fill you up after hour of wine tasting on the square. Starting off, the Portabella and Crimi Fricasse tastes so local and homegrown you can’t imagine it coming anywhere but from their backyard.

They (of course) have a great and moderately priced wine list to accompany choice of either the duck leg confit or the red, blackened trout. Dinner is a cozy, warm affair but lunch here cannot be discounted. Of course if you do lunch, save room for fancier dinners at Dry Creek Kitchen which is conveniently next door, then you can’t go wrong with the cheese and naturally charcuterie board.


Happy Foodie Travels in Sonoma!

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Dierks – Unknown. Wild Flour –  Healdsburg Charcuterie – Purchased Stock Image