Instagram – Recent Changes and Back to the Basics

Instagram – Recent Changes and Back to the Basics

Instagram – Recent Changes and Back to the Basics

Recently Instagram announced some changes publicly to their logo and app layout, and it appears that there have been some bigger changes behind the scenes as well.

Recent changes on Instagram

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Before we jump into some basic tips on how to get maximum exposure and engagement, we wanted to point you in the right direction with updates on recent Instagram changes. Below are some links to articles outlining those changes.

A new look for Instagram” – Instagram 5/11/16

Instagram secretly made a huge change and it’s not the logo” – 5/13/16

Instagram testing new business profiles” – 5/2/16

Your first look at Instagram’s new analytics” – 5/11/16

In March, Instagram made another change that allows users to access multiple accounts from within the app and many are still not aware of the change.

Back to the Basics – Instagram

Now that we have brought you up to date on the recent changes with Instagram it’s time to get back to basics. Here are three pointers to enable you to increase your reach:

1. Geo-tagging
 – Make sure you geo-tag every image that you post.  Images on Instagram can be searched with this function and will give your image another avenue through which it can be found.

2. Hashtags – Research says 11+ hashtags on each post will get more reach and interaction for your post.  That may seem like a lot, but you can use this tool from Websta to help you find “hot” hashtags.

3. Tagging Others – Instagram gives you the option to “tag” other accounts in a similar way to Twitter.  Simply click the “Tag People” option when uploading your image to Instagram and start tagging other accounts – you can tag up to 20 accounts this way.  The managers of those accounts will get a notification on their main account page. That will make them aware of your image and potentially increasing interaction and engagement of your post.


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