How to get more out of Twitter by Posting Images Better

How to get more out of Twitter by Posting Images Better

How to get more out of Twitter by Posting Images Better

Many of you are posting Twitter images. Whether the images are yours or were created by a third party, you can get more bang for your buck by utilizing a rarely used Twitter function on both your computer and phone.

Below is a step-by-step guide to show you how you can get more reach out of your current photo posts.

How to tag images on TwitterPlease note that this currently only works on native Twitter – computer or phone – and not on third party platforms such as Hootsuite, or in the Twitter Ad Platform.

1. Click the Quill / Tweet Icon in the upper right corner of your Twitter account.
2. Click the Camera icon and add your image(s) – up to 4 images can be added per tweet.
3. Type in your tweet content in the “Compose new Tweet” box (computer) or the “What’s happening?“ space (phone).
4. When you have the option to add “Who’s in this photo?” (you’ll find this option below the image(s) on your phone) you can add up to 10 accounts, the maximum number that Twitter currently allows. These images need to be added one-by-one by typing the relevant Twitter account names in and clicking on them as it auto-populates below.
5. Once you have all the accounts that you want tagged in the photo(s) inputted hit the Tweet button.

1 Add Text Then Click Add Photo Twitter Images
1. Add Text Then Click Add Photo


2 With Photo Added Click Who's in this photo Twitter Images
2. With Photo Added Click Who’s in this photo


3 Tag Relevant Twitter Account Twitter Images
3. Tag Relevant Twitter Account


4 Tags Show and others account get notification of tag Twitter Images
4. Tags show and others account get notification of tag

Some pointers for you:

– The maximum image size that twitter will accept for upload is 5MB and up to 3MB for animated GIF’s
– Twitter prefers images in Landscape format with the aspect ratio 2:1. Images in Portrait format need to be clicked by the user to be fully seen
– Where possible add a geo-location to your image so that in the future it can be geo-searched at that specific location
– Find more info on posting photos to Twitter here

For a deeper article on Twitter photos you can read this piece on Twitter

A 2013 piece from the Buffer Blog gives some good tips on how to maximize the impact of photo use in your Twitter account. You can find the post here

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