Do’s and Dont’s on Twitter – 3 of each

Do’s and Dont’s on Twitter – 3 of each

Do’s and Dont’s on Twitter – 3 of each

Twitter is here to stay. While Facebook lends itself to long explanations, pictures and every discernible fact you could ever want to know about someone, Twitter is its more succinct alternative. You’ve got 140 characters to figure out what you want to say. These days of instant gratification and with letter writing dead and gone, Twitter is where it’s at!

 That being said here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to help you tackle this brave new world.

Do RT (re-tweet) followers

Twitter is a mutual experience. You RT followers and they will RT you, if you have something to say! A good rule of thumb is 1/3 Native tweets (your own) 1/3 RT’s and 1/3 direct responses to followers. It keeps your account active and dynamic. Who wants to read the same stuff over and over again? By mixing it up with RT’s from like-minded followers you can help spread YOUR voice as well.

Do Be Consistent

Followers will forget about you unless you keep yourself in their feed. Let them know they can expect you to tweet something. When a twitter account has super low activity, they are the first to go when people are cleaning who they are following. If you are a business you should have things to say and be engaging on a pretty consistent basis. With larger accounts tweeting hourly throughout the day makes sense, as there is a lot of information to share and conversation to be part of. Small accounts two to three times a day is sufficient. Assess what works for you, but be consistent!

Do have a clear voice

It is hugely important that your followers know who they are following. What is it you want to say? Are you a business? Keep personal stuff out of it, but still keep your personality! What do you want your followers to know? What can they expect when they read your tweets? Think about how you want to enhance your image and be consistent in your tone.

Don’t tweet from Facebook

It just looks lazy. “Check out this great article from Charles so and so as he expl…”. Your followers are looking for you to tell them something. A half formed thought or phrase is hard (and annoying) to read when going through your feed. Then consider how hard that is to RT. If you are going to have a Twitter account, especially as a business, it is important to utilize all avenues of social media appropriately and in ways they were intended. Have your voice heard (in 140 characters or less) in an original way and respect your followers.

Don’t Over Hash-Tag

Two or three is sufficient to get your idea across and pick up on searches.  #Over #hashtagging #is #distracting and it’s also hard to read and unnecessary.  Making up hashtags that mean nothing to people just takes up space. See what topics are trending and join the conversation! Have fun with your hash-tagging but don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Don’t try to use up all 140 characters

So you’re thinking ‘hey! 140 characters isn’t that much! I’ve got stuff to say!’ Well yeah. But don’t you want others to help you say it too? When they re-tweet (RT) and you’re at your limit already then they have to do some crafting. You always want to try to avoid having someone edit what you’ve written. You know what you wanted to say! So help them spread your word but keeping it as clear and short as possible. Add a bitly to link them to more information!


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